Web Sites

Akron Camera Club
This is the club I am a member of. It is an EXCELLENT club full of talented, imaginative, technically and
artistically skilled photographers. Some of the best in Ohio. In the 10 years I have been a member I have grown tremendously in my photographic knowledge thanks to their willingness to share and the emphasis
on improvement but still keeping the "fun' of it all.
The best photography site on the Web! Take fantastic online photo classes with world-class professional photographers, unite with fellow photography enthusiasts, or create a beautiful personal Web site like this.

Classic Car Restoration
This is a YouTube movie I created from photos I took at a car show of two cars restored by my son-in-law.
I used BEACH BOY music as a background. I had never taken photos of cars before and this was a challenging assignment. It was great fun and I really like the results. It has been viewed many times by You Tube viewers.

Joes Life Impressions blog
This is my GOOGLE blog. Please visit it. I think you will enjoy it.
It is full of photos and art and music and great ideas (not all of them mine).
I have gathered the riches of life, found during of these 79 years, into
one place and shared them with the world.

A FACINATING SITE! This is 8000 pages containing over 80,000 photographs taken by photographers all over the world. It is full of some of the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY I have ever seen. I have some 20 of my photos on this site. Once you are on site, type "photosbyjoe" into the SEARCH blank and all of my photos will come up.

this is my FACEBOOK page
This is my FACEBOOK community of friends from all over the world.
We share ideas and photos and links and events in our lives.
I am enjoying it very much.

You Tube - The Dance/Movement of Maureen Fleming
Recently, I experienced a fantastic performance by this marvelous dance/movement artist.
It is hard to describe the "art" of her work. As you watch, remember her motions are not "slowed down" mechanically. SHE has learned to control her body movement so that she CAN move this slowly.
The effect is artistically amazing. While you are into this site look at some of her other works.
The links are on the right hand side. This IS different, I understand that. Be patient and just ENJOY!