Artist's Statement

Painting Your Life-picture

The world, is awash with the textures, colors, tastes and sounds of "life"

When you are born, you immediately become a life-artist. You pick up the brush of individual experience and begin to paint the life-picture YOU see! When you say “I get the picture”, it is YOUR artistic version of life you see. Another life-artist may see a different picture painted with the strokes and colors of THEIR life-view.

Sometimes you just see life in black and white. It is just too much work or you are in too much of a hurry to really color it in. A life well-painted takes time and a willingness to see.
If you do not actively choose the brushes and the colors of your life-painting, there are many people and institutions that will be glad to paint your life for you! But you, your life, the colors, will be THEIR painting, not YOURS!

Each day of life is so precious!
To be "alive" is to want to "hold onto" all of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us each living moment. May you give yourself the "time" to stop, to LOOK, and to appreciate and feel your connection with all life.